Fifth GMS Court Case



Theme: Freedom of Movement within former Netherlands Antilles

After the break-up of the former Netherlands Antilles there is no freedom of movenment and residence anymore between the constituent islands. Neither is there freedom of movement for all Dutch nationals between the Netherlands and the former Neth. Antilles. 

This case aims to remove all existing restrictions of freedom of movement and residence between the islands as well as between the islands and the Netherlands, arguing that they are all violations of art. 12 of the (UN) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rigts as well as similar provisions of the European Convention of Human Rights. 

We publish this case as from the Notice of Appeal. All previous Court Documents and the Judgment in First Instance are attached to the Notice of Appeal. 

Court Documents:

1) HANSEN Hoger Beroep Part A.pdf 
2) HANSEN Hoger Beroep Part B.pdf
HANSEN Hoger Beroep Pleitnota.pdf 
4) Hansen_vonnis_Hoger_beroep.pdf
) Hansen vs the Netherlands Communication tekst 15 januari 2017.pdf
Exhibit 2 HANSEN vs. the Netherlands Exhibit 2.pdf
Exhibit 3
HANSEN vs. the Netherlands Exhibit 3.pdf
Exhibit 4 HANSEN vs. the Netherlands Exhibit 4.pdf
xhibit 5 Hansen Judgment Summary Proceedings.pdf
xhibit 6 Hansen Judgment Court of First Instance.pdf
xhibit 7 Hansen Judgment Common Court of Justice.pdf

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